Saki_b (sakikashima) wrote in sakiscosplay,

ZOMG It's a post!

Yeah! So...

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So I know for a fact I'm doing that one. For sure. 100% definate.

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I found these boots... I like the bottom, but they seem to be a little too J-rock, and they're shiny. I don't want shiny

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I found these boots, and they aren't shiny, but I kinda wanted a little less heel, and a little less of a pointy toe, since Sakura's shoes obviously aren't pointy...

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And I don't really like these anymore... they're kinda gay-tarded... They lace up in the back too, though I can away with that cause you don't see the back...

And I was searching around this website that had galleries of artbook images from games, and I searched for "Legend of Mana" and I came across Princess Pearl
Image hosted by
adorable! A possibility for next year, perhaps

Okay and I'm done ^-^
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