Saki_b (sakikashima) wrote in sakiscosplay,

ZOMG It's a post!

Yeah! So...

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So I know for a fact I'm doing that one. For sure. 100% definate.

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I found these boots... I like the bottom, but they seem to be a little too J-rock, and they're shiny. I don't want shiny

Image hosted by
I found these boots, and they aren't shiny, but I kinda wanted a little less heel, and a little less of a pointy toe, since Sakura's shoes obviously aren't pointy...

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And I don't really like these anymore... they're kinda gay-tarded... They lace up in the back too, though I can away with that cause you don't see the back...

And I was searching around this website that had galleries of artbook images from games, and I searched for "Legend of Mana" and I came across Princess Pearl
Image hosted by
adorable! A possibility for next year, perhaps

Okay and I'm done ^-^
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HAHA that last one is weird. teehee She has bubbles for sleeves
Pearls! They're pearls! Her name is Princess Pearl... I really like the design ^__^
If you had to pick from those, I'd say the first. But you're right, they're a bit too club with the platform and flared heel. If you can find an inbetween of the first and second, that'd be perfect.

You should see if Sketch would go as that blond guy to the left. That would be uber cute! And he'd pull it off too. He'd look good in that. :3
Now that I look back at the picture she doesnt seem to have much of a heel at all in those shoes. However, big heels make your legs longer and help make you less short :D
-_- Ahem. Sakura is supposed to be short -_-
oh, and the triangle trim is on the top of the shoes too
Yeah, I know XD The triangle trim is on the top of the boots, and the top of her gloves