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Queen of Hearts

List of Money Spent so Far:

$1.06 (Pattern)
$16.49 (1 yard of red velvet)
$3.98 (2 yards of red lining)

Not bad. The black satin I've used so far is free, since I've used remnants, but I'm sure I'll have to get more when I do the heart cut-outs on the back of the skirt... those hearts are gonna get pretty big...

I've finished all the velvet work for the corset. All I'm finishing up now is the rows of hearts on the alternating panels. I've got both of the back panels done, a full side panel, and then 2/3 hearts done on the other side panel. After that I've got to do the two front panels and I'm done with the extra work on the corset.

Only thing is, I've got to adjust the corset top. It doesn't come nearly as low as I'd want it to be. And then once I've done that, I've got to measure so I can order the boning...

And I found faux dalmation fur at Lorraine Mills... I'm not sure, but it might be $17-20 a yard... not too shabby...
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