Saki_b (sakikashima) wrote in sakiscosplay,

Cosplay for '07... maybe even '08

Yeah I know. We're not even in 06 and already I'm making plans for 07/'08? Crazy talk!

But yeah. The way it's shaping up, my '06 cosplaying season is looking like this:

Katsucon Naomi Armitage (Last Battle outfit)
Anime Boston Fanart Harle
Otakon Granado Espada Female Wizard
Dragon*Con Whichever out of the three is my favorite...

And for '07 I came across Seth Nightlord, aka August Vradica of Trinity Blood. And I've decided that's going to be my big costume for Otakon. I'll need help from Rob, since her front piece (it's the green costume... you can easily find it on seems to be made out of gold. And rather than use like, gold pvc, I think I'm going to have Rob vacuum mold my torso and make it out of plastic. And make the gold parts of the headpiece out of plastic. And maybe her gold wings as well...
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